Alternate Line One is a timeline altered only slightly, unlike other alternate timelines. It was produced during Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, and only altered pages #042-047, of Tower Of Dread.

This timeline diverged from the original when Jane and Trope-tan jumped backwards from page #148, landing on page #042. They left again almost immediately, but accidentally left behind past!Jane (technically a future!Jane, counting from that particular epoch). Past!Jane's presence altered the events to follow, based on her knowledge of the future, but Trope-tan quickly removed her from page #045, pulling the timeline back on course.

Original Pages Edit

This timeline is notable for having overwritten a section of Tower Of Dread. All the pages from #042 to #047 were altered, with the exception of filler comic #046. The original versions, before the impact of this timeline, are provided below.

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