Jane is the second character to appear in The Way Of The Metagamer. Her first appearance was in comic #005, and yes, the previous four comics only featured Bob talking to himself. She is notable for being the only protagonist who is a native of the Book of DnD; Bob and Fred are both from the next universe up, where the Book's physical manifestation is located; while Trope-tan is the personification of TV Tropes and exists independently of the comic.


Jane is a mid-level wizard, and as such can use magic within the rules of 3rd-edition Dungeons and Dragons. She has at least one custom-designed spell, whose name begins with "Jane's Interplanar Travel Spell Capable Of Restoring Characters From The Plane Of Antimagic, And, More Importantly, The Cool Hats Which Henceforth Were Owned By The Initiator Of This Spell..." If she were allowed to complete the spell, the party would theoretically have to fight Captain Obvious again. so Bob and Fred always knock her out before she can complete the incantation. Its apparent function is to summon Captain Obvious from his exile in the Plane of Antimagic, and, more importantly, the cool hats which henceforth were owned by Jane.

She also knows how to escape the comic, though as explained in comic 93, her method is not particularly simple or viable.

At some point after comic 146 , she learns to speak technobabble, though that could be a side effect of being a badass future-self. She also repeatedly demonstrates an ability to understand time travel and exploit it, including creating objects via ontological paradoxes.

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