Narrativium is a fictional element, of which all plots are formed. Narrativium permeates the entire comic, but generally clusters around time-space coordinates called "plot points". Areas with greater concentrations of narrativium have greater plot significance.

Plot holes Edit

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Plot holes and narrativium are the two sides of one coin. A plot hole may be produced by drawing together a critical mass of narrativium; the close proximity of so much plot generates a "contradiction" and the narrativium collapses to produce a plot hole.

When unstable, plot holes function much like vacuum cleaners, except instead of working on particulate matter littering one's previously clean floors and occasionally on spider webs, they work on narrativium. An unstable plot hole will soon suck up all the narrativium in its immediate area; depending on the size of the plot hole, this area may vary from merely a small room to the entirety of the comic.

Stable plot holes, however, are completely harmless in terms of narrativium; the narrativium catalyses into a "hoop" around the plot hole and locks it in shape. Loss of this narrativium hoop will result in the plot hole destabilising and destroying everything.