A plot hole is, as the name implies, a hole in the plot. Plot holes are opened whenever somebody points out a flaw in the plot, and may be sealed once more by explaining the flaw that opened them. A plot hole is potentially extremely dangerous, as when unstable they consume narrativium from the surrounding comic. When stable, however, they are perfectly safe; in this state, they may be used as gateways leading to practically anywhere else with the occasional flaw in its plot.

Appearances Edit

  • The first appearance of plot holes was in Shadows Of Civilisation, when Xavius described his role as the Summariser to Bob. Another plot hole was opened at the end of the chapter, which Xavius travelled through to reach…
  • … the Authorship Shrine, at the beginning of Fridge Logic. This chapter had several more plot holes: Trope-tan entered the comic for the first time through one, and a large unstable one wrapped up the chapter.
  • Another plot hole was used to enter Mystery Science Theater 3000 at the beginning of Take That Us. At the end of this chapter, three plot holes were accidentally produced.
  • The plot of Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey revolved around those three plot holes and efforts to seal them through time travel.