Shadows Of Civilisation



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Tower Of Dread

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Fridge Logic

Shadows Of Civilisation is the seventh chapter of The Way Of The Metagamer.

Upon their return to Townwithanequipmentstoreaplacewithmapsandatavernofcourse, the protagonists begin preparing for the next quest. They book a room at Ye Olde Taverne, then head to Ye Olde Equipmente Store to pick up supplies. Bob sensibly destroys the elevator, nearly killing everyone aboard.

Upon their escape, the party discover the Rod of Za-Boom. Bob tries to buy it, but is thwarted by Annabelle. Fred and Jane head back to the tavern.

Xavius pops into the tavern, and starts sneaking about for a bit. He is intercepted by Bob, wielding the aforementioned Rod of Za-Boom, but manages to escape when Annabelle takes the Rod off Bob. Xavius is then caught by Jane, but escapes through Star Wars references. Finally, Fred finds Xavius, who makes his escape once more.

Xavius is then cornered by the entire party, only escaping by opening up a plot hole leading to the Authorship Shrine. The chapter closes as Xavius escapes.