The Author is the in-universe avatar of 00Davo (also known as David McLean), writer and Inkscape artist who is responsible for everything that happens to the characters in the story, much to their irritation. First appeared here. He is functionally omnipotent, near-invincible, and is the only character so far to have an account on this very wiki (here). When not directly messing with his characters, he resides in the Authorship Shrine.


Like most of the characters at some point, the Author has undergone an art shift during his time in Way Of The Metagamer. Though his usual appearance is the one which appears on every page in this wiki, he prefers to wear a brown coat with no gradient, as it is easier to draw. He also owns a suit.


As mentioned above, the Author is nigh-omnipotent. He also knows everything that has happened on-panel (though this is not particularly extraordinary in-comic, since all the other characters can also read the comic if they choose), and knows the future based on his plans for upcoming plotlines. This power obviously comes with drawbacks: namely, he only ever uses it in attempts to advance the plot. The Author also regrets being less awesome than some of his own characters, in particular the Detective. The Author also has the ability to distribute Awesome Points, which he uses to bribe Xavius and presumably pay Ebony Nauss's salary.