The First Party was a celebration of the comic reaching one hundred pages, and naturally is comic #100, uploaded on the 16th of April, 2010. The party's main attraction is a performance of Caramelldansen, by Trope-tan and Annabelle Jenkins.

Events At The Party Edit

  • The fruit punch was spiked by Xavius on the Author's instructions, despite the fact that the Author doesn't know what fruit punch is.
  • Due to the aforementioned fruit punch, Trope-tan and Annabelle ended up performing Caramelldansen.
  • Bob does not like repetitive Internet memes such as Caramelldansen.
  • Balloons were stolen from many other works with balloons in them, through the use of plot holes.
  • Fred and Serena spent the entire party walking on the ceiling.
  • Xavius and Gary Gygax met up and were rather angry at each other; the reason for this has not yet been revealed.