A title= text presenter is a character devoted to reading out, and usually also writing, the title= text on each comic. The names of title= text presenters are generally puns on the word "title".

The Presenters Edit

Titular Edit

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Titular was the first title= text presenter, starting from the very beginning of the comic. During Fridge Logic, he became rather disgruntled with the Author.

As Take That Us opened, Titular made some demands. Specifically, he demanded to appear not just in the title= attribute, but to be displayed on the actual comic page. The Author accepted these terms and altered the comic's site layout to accommodate this. Titular's name was thus made accurate: the word "titular" technically means "in name only", and since he appears on the page, it's title= text in name only.

However, on the very next comic, Titular put forward some statements which were harshly disputed in the comic's comments. Offended by the hurtful comments, he rather spontaneously quit the job.

Ebony Nauss Edit

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Ebony was, and still is, the second title= text presenter. She was hired towards the beginning of Take That Us, immediately after Titular left the position. Her name is a pun on the word "eponymous", which means "from the title".