Town Troubles The Movie



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Finally Some Explanation

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Tower Of Dread

Town Troubles The Movie is the fifth chapter of The Way Of The Metagamer.

The Dungeon Master has been restarted, resetting The Book of DnD to the state it was in at the start of Between The Pages. Bob and Jane quickly meet up, and together cast Fast Forward, speeding through the plot up until their arrival in Townwithanequipmentstoreaplacewithmapsandatavernofcourse. This time, Bob carefully avoids map escapes, and no glitches occur.

The party all head to Ye Olde Taverne, and meet up with DaShenMaster. Suddenly, we cut to Captain Obvious being heroic and repeatedly stating things. We then cut back to our heroes at Ye Olde Place Withe Mapse, and they discover another strange feature of Desaturation. Directions to the nearest Greyzone are downloaded from Google Maps, and the party head off in search of the next chapter.